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It has been stated by many people that as time goes on it will become increasingly possible to run most any software package on any OS on any hardware platform, and that eventually this will be considered standard fare. This WWW page is dedicated to that ideal.

The primary focus of this WWW page is information on implementation and research in "interesting" CPU and OS emulators. By that I mean that there is something I find novel or just intriguing about it, and that is entirely my subjective opinion. Many PC, Some Mac, a few UNIX, and a few other emulators (in progress or completed) are listed specifically, but links are listed which will go either directly or one hop away from most of the emulator information and resources I know of on the net.

The WINE project is a good example of a nearly "pure" OS emulator, in that it runs the executable code natively (using a different mode of operation of the 80[345]86 CPU chip), but needs to translate the API calls from one OS to another, and handles a different executable format.

The Apple PowerMac OS (for the new line of PowerPC Macintosh machines) performs 68K emulation with very little OS emulation, so it could probably be considered a "pure" CPU emulator.

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Related topics such as byte-codes, CPU-description formats, and CPU simulation is touched upon here as well.

Implemented systems

Implemented here means code exists. The project may be in any state from running small examples only (such as WINE) to being very complete (such as Apple's PowerMac OS).


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