Making an OS that Doesn't Suck

Last updated: 10/28/2003.


NOTE: This is all very much my Opinion, of course, so take please take it that way.


Any OS Snob knows that All OSes Suck. Some just Suck More or Less than others.

A good example of this is the fact that, although I use Linux as the primary OS I run on most of my computers (used to use FreeBSD, and may again), I have often been known to say that "Linux/BSD just sucks a bit less than Windows".

The motivation for this page comes from the fact that the core algorithms implemented in currently used OSes are generally 30+ years old, and often from a rather common set of semantics. The core APIs for both Windows and the *NIX's are rather similar, for example. Most programmers, much less end-users, aren't even aware of what they could get from newer techniques, so "don't know any better", so to speak, in what they should demand of OSes they use.

These pages are dedicated to 3 somewhat related Higher Goals:

I will try to keep the following distinctions clear:

To be fair, in the last few years the free *NIX's seem to be starting to catch up and even be using some basic OS research again, but I still think it's going rather glacially overall. I'm also guilty of waiting too long to do this, but (of course ;-) I'm working on an OS project which I hope should be able to embody all of the Good Things listed below.

Email Me Feedback, Commentary, Intelligent Flames, and Contributions to the list. All would be greatly appreciated, though I reserve the right to not add items that don't appear worthwhile, since this is my opinions page.

I'm quite willing to list links to other pages here too (maybe a solution for some material that I don't quite agree to add here). There's not enough good info/sources on what needs to be done with OSes out there.

List of Good Things in an OS

NOTE: As these get filled in they will eventually get separate pages.