Shelter for the HomePage-less

In these days of the "Information Superhighway", those without a foot into the new electronic mediums cannot be heard in the new communities.

We've taken it upon ourselves to make sure that at least the names of these people who have been viciously excluded are now heard!

Ronald Dale Boleyn, Linda Boleyn, Stephanie Wood, Merideth Wood, Norman Boleyn, Candy Boleyn, Forrest Boleyn, Bryce Boleyn, Holly Boleyn, Emily Boleyn, Elena Boleyn, Robert Boleyn, Eunice Boleyn, Maggie Boleyn, Mary Jaeger, Anna Brown, Paul Brown, Doug Andrews, Irmgard Andrews, Joe Jaeger, Dore' Jaeger, Margaret Jaeger, John Jaeger, Mark Jaeger, Rita Jaeger, James DeLater, Jean-Paul DeLater, Phillip DeLater, Mike Haertel, Tom Fielden, Teriko Moriasu, Boyd Osgood, Dorothy Osgood, Joaquin Sampson, Richard Pagh, Richard Lampert, Pat Lee, Paula Joyce Parks, Gary Don Parks, Adam Wilde Birks, Amber Leigh Birks, Patrick William Little, Timothy Beggs, Jonathon Beggs, Dick and Phylis Beggs, Henry Grant, Emma Grant, Connie and Lyle Kelley, Dave and Lisa Stromvig, Bill Fields, Amos Parks, Andrea Parrish, Dustin Parrish, Jeff Franklin, Linda Shannon, Gene Shannon, Sonia Hult, Julia Jean Wentworth, Trista Lee Jolly, Ian Osgood, Mara Osgood, Kim Larson, Steve Anderson